Applied Kinesiology


Developed by a US chiropractor, Dr George Goodheart in the 1960's, Applied Kinesiology is a diagnostic system that uses muscles to indicate imbalance in the body's systems, and its sensitivity to food and toxic substances in the environment.

How Does It Work

By testing certain muscles using pressure and various substances (i.e. food and homeopathic dilutions of chemicals etc) a practitioner can identify muscle strength. The strength or weakness of muscles can reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the body's systems, as muscles, organs and glands are believed to be connected via "energy circuits", or pathways. If there has been a disruption to a particular pathway through trauma, illness or excess of toxins, the muscle's energy circuit is said to "turn off". The practitioner seeks to "turn on" the circuit to restore balance to the body systems. Attention is given to the patient's physical ("structural"), biochemical ("chemical"), and mental health, known collectively as the Triad, or Triangle of Health.

Conditions That Respond To Applied Kinesiology


Health problems which are long-standing and difficult to diagnose.


Depending on the diagnosis, treatment involves homeopathic remedies, joint manipulation, acupuncture or nutritional advice. (See individual fact sheets.)

Most doctors remain unconvinced about the benefits of Applied Kinesiology although there are a few medically qualified practitioners who use it to help diagnosis. It is best to check your practitioner is qualified to make a medical diagnosis and would be happy to refer you elsewhere if the need should arise.


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Further Reading

The following books were found on the Internet and are available from www.amazon.com. The list is not exhaustive. We have not necessarily read the books and cannot say how easy it will be to get them from local bookstores or libraries.

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There are many websites available.



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