Vega Testing

What is it?

Vega testing is a diagnostic technique which uses a vega machine to measure electrical resistance at acupuncture points. Fluctuations in the normal readings are said to identify existing or potential health problems.

Conditions that may respond to Vega testing include:

What to expect with Vega testing

An electronic probe is placed on certain points on the hands and feet, and sometimes the head of the patient. It does not involve needles or an electric charge, and is therefore not uncomfortable. Analysis of the readout helps the practitioner to identify the most damaged/stressed organs in the body. Allergies can also be assessed.


Once the diagnosis has been made the practitioner recommends treatment which may involve electro-acupuncture, homeopathic remedies and dietary and lifestyle advice. The vega machine can be used to identify which herbal or homeopathic remedies would best suit the patient by measuring the patients' reactions to homeopathic dilutions. Those that normalise the electrical resistance readings are those which will be beneficial.

There is no hard and fast rule for follow-up appointments. For simple problems one visit is often all that is needed but for more complex problems follow-up appointments are worthwhile.

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